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The world’s easiest banana icecream

Technically, this isn’t a true icecream. It’s better. That’s because it’s easier, cheaper and much healthier than traditional icecream.

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The only hard bit is remembering to freeze the bananas beforehand, so it’s not an instant gratification dish. It’s so good though, that it’s really worth buying bananas in bulk whenever they are cheap, and freezing them in chunks so you’ve got them on hand, whenever you fancy it.

Use the chopping blade for this one. Continue reading


Turning up the heat: cooking custard in the Bellini

Once I’d worked out how to get my new blender to blend, it was time to see what else it could do. I was feeling under the weather and stuck in the house all day, so a nice nuturing custard seemed to be the way to go.

I wasn’t yet brave enough to try my own recipes, so luckily I found one in the Bellini cookbook. The only drawback was that it was a low-fat vanilla custard. My personal eating philosophy is that naturally low fat foods are wonderful. Altering recipes to make things low fat,however,  usually ends badly.

I found a recipe here that was a little more to my liking. Continue reading