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Super sweet easter eggs in the Bellini


These gorgeous little eggs are the sort of thing that look more trouble to make than they are worth – but trust me, they are easy. They are based on this original blog post by the very talented raspberricupcakes. I loved the look of them, but I did think they might be a little too sickening, like Cadbury Cream Eggs. But they are actually quite light and lovely. Continue reading


Hot cross buns in the Bellini Intelli Kitchen Machine

I consider myself a hot cross bun purist (of sorts). They shouldn’t have chocolate chips, icing, or cranberries. They must have sultanas. And they certainly shouldn’t be eaten two weeks after Christmas. I’m willing to relax the rules a little to eat them a few weeks before Easter and to adapt this recipe from NotQuiteNigella, that uses honey and speculoos spices in the buns. I’m standing firm on the chocolate chips though.

My first problem (and deviation from the recipe) was the speculoos spices (more here about the quantities that NQN used for her spice mix). I had most of the spices but in whole form, not powdered. Continue reading