I’m a kitchen gadget tragic, currently cooking for me, my husband and our two year old. I blog about learning to use my Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master (from Target) and occasionally other kitchen paraphernalia. Most of the recipes and tips should work equally well for the following thermal cookers:

  • Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master (available from Target in Australia, also now available in Canada)
  • MultiChef (Available from Lakeland in the UK only)
  • Thermomix
  • HotMixPRO
  • Thermochef
  • Kogan ThermoBlend
  • Maxi SuperChef

There’s a link under each recipe with general tips for converting the recipe for use with other machines, which you can also view here.



  1. Jo

    I’m a Kitchen Gadget Tragic also. I’ve just started to use my Bellini and am finding your blog wonderful, thank you πŸ™‚ Made some spicy pumpkin and coconut cream soup this morning, smells gorgeous Chocol Oat cookies were great and fluffy buttermilk Pancakes were ….well, a little flat The Bellini is too good to give up on……Keep writing, and I’ll keep reading Jo πŸ™‚

    • Rosie

      Thanks Jo! Glad you are finding the blog useful. I haven’t had much luck with things that are meant to be aerated in the Bellini either. I did read that it’s a good idea to leave the measuring cup off for such things, to allow a little more air into the mixture – might help?

  2. Louise

    Think this will be my new fav web page!! I recently received a Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master as a wonderful gift and am trying to figure out how awesome it is and slowly trying new recipes. THANKS in advance

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