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Using the Bellini’s steamer


The Bellini has a large steaming dish (similar to Thermomix’s Varoma) that sits on top of the jug and allows you steam chicken, vegetables, puddings – anything. Below are eight (hopefully useful) things I’ve learned about the steamer

1. To steam effectively, you must set the temperature to ST. Turn the temperature dial all the way to the top setting (it’s the one after 100). It looks a bit like SF to me, but it’s meant to be ST. Cooking on 100C won’t produce enough steam. So if you want to cook a soup and steam fish at the same time, you must cook your soup on ST, not 100.

2. ST temp is approximately 110C. Thermomix’s Varoma temp is 114. So you will need to allow a longer cooking time when using a Thermomix steamer recipe in your Bellini.

3. Also when using your steamer, please note that it’s a bit of a different design to the Thermomix Varoma (see here for more details if interested). Basically, the TMX steamer contents are exposed to more steam, so again, keep this in mind and increase your cooking times accordingly.

4. To make steaming in the Bellini more effectively, try draping a tea towel over some of the vents in the lid, or placing a piece of baking paper under the lid to keep more steam in (as in the pic above).

5. Always use speed 3 when steaming – this will get more steam to your food.

6. If you are placing food in the bottom of the steaming tray, arrange it around the outside and not in the middle over the hole in the lid or you’ll block all the steam (this took me AGES to learn).

7. Remember that you can also steam in the cooking basket (it’s smaller but much more effective for steaming).

8.[Gratuitous link to my recipe] Steamed puddings are particularly nice  – try this one or google Varoma puddings and add on a few minutes cooking time.


Not-devilled sausages with apple and onion in the Bellini

This Thermomix devilled sausage recipe is a favourite on the Bellini Addicts facebook page.  I gave it a try (having never devilled a sausage in my life) but I found it too spicy and over-seasoned for my taste. I later discovered that devilled sausages are meant to be spicy -and my recipe tweaks had led me far, far away from the original (hence the title).

It’s not a pretty looking dish, but it got the toddler tick of approval. Mr Bellini and I cleared our plates too. The sausages are steamed then cooked in the sauce (sounds disgusting but tastes lovely). As they aren’t fried, there’s no room for a bad sausage in this dish so buy some nice (ie probably expensive) pork sausages for it. Continue reading

Steamed puddings in the Bellini


I’m going to write a more detailed post about the steamer soon (known as the Varoma for Thermomixers). But to date, my most successful steaming experiment has been with these delicious little puds. The recipe is based on this one from Domestic Diva’s blog. The first time I made it, I followed the recipe almost verbatim, and they were very good indeed. This time I’ve made a few substitutions, partly because I didn’t have any maple syrup left (if you do make the maple syrup version, then please use real maple syrup as it makes all the difference). Continue reading