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Baby food in the Bellini (puréed sweet potato)

Goodness me, all those old ladies in shopping centres were right. These years do fly past. Baby no 2 is now five months, and I’ve just started him on solid foods. I was going to wait till six months and do baby-led weaning like I did with child no 1. But on the weekend he wrestled a piece of cake from me, shoved in his mouth and started chewing. I’m also hopeful that he will sleep longer than 3 hours at night if I start solids (probably won’t work, but anything is worth a try at the moment). Blurry pics are due to the my shaky sleep-deprived hands.

The Bellini does a lovely job on baby purees. Chop the veg and/ or meat into pieces, add it to the cooking basket (boiling water below) and steam. Then drain the water, and blend the cooked veg in the jug.

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Playdough in the Bellini Kitchen Intelli Master


I made these playdough icecream sundaes for my daughter’s third birthday party. It started with the thought, “hey, I could make a bit of playdough for the party bags”. Then I found the little icecream cups at the $2 shop, then I remembered seeing a recipe for chocolate playdough… I managed to stop myself before it got completely out of hand, and it’s actually quite easy and fun to put together.

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Make-ahead porridge in the Bellini


This post is shamelessly inspired by this fantastic idea for freezing individual portions of porridge in the Bellini. I normally hate porridge, but made these for my lovely husband. As I tasted along the way, I found that home-made porridge with rolled oats and creamy milk is a world away from the slithery gloop that comes from a packet. So now he’s got some competition to eat these up.

I changed the porridge completely from the original recipe in the Kitchn .

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Cappuccino-crunch fudge in the Bellini


As a committed sugar-phile, I wanted to  developing a fudge that would work well in the Bellini and other thermal cookers. The Bellini doesn’t get to the necessary temperature to make a true fudge so this is a cheat’s version, but it tastes pretty good, all the same.

You could chop and change the flavourings for this fudge – the white chocolate is bland so any stronger flavours will take precedence. Continue reading

Vialone Nano Risotto in the HotMixPRO


When I borrowed the HotMixPRO, I knew that I wanted to try some things that wouldn’t be possible in the Bellini or the other thermal cookers. One was this fudge recipe, the other was… risotto.

Yes, yes, I know that risotto is the first thing that any Thermomix demonstrator worth their salt will show you. And it’s the first thing that I made in the Bellini. Cooking your first risotto in a thermal cooker makes you think, “damn it, this thing is good”. Instead of standing over a stove for 30 minutes at dinner time, you can play with your kids (or if it’s been a trying day, check Facebook while they watch TV).

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Israeli couscous in the thermal cooker

israeli couscous and roast vegetables

I’m not a fan of ordinary couscous, which was a nuisance as it’s nice to have another grain/ carb to add to the dinner roulette wheel of potato/ rice/ pasta*. It’s the small grains that put me off. I don’t like the mouth feel – for me, it’s reminiscent of beach sand in your picnic. But Israeli couscous is a favourite with larger grains and a lovely chewy texture. It’s a foodie item (here in Perth at least), available at extortionate prices at local delicatessens and food importers. So I was amused to discover that in Israel, it’s usually served to children – the Hebrew equivalent of Alphabetti Spaghetti.

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White sauce in the thermal cooker


I am a total convert to making sauces in the Bellini after trying a cheese sauce. It’s great to be able to throw all the ingredients in and walk away. This recipe was inspired by my sensible friend Serena, who shared a great recipe for silverside in the slow cooker. I made the white sauce to go with it and the vegies, and followed her suggestions for flavouring the sauce (v v good).

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