Turning up the heat: cooking custard in the Bellini

Once I’d worked out how to get my new blender to blend, it was time to see what else it could do. I was feeling under the weather and stuck in the house all day, so a nice nuturing custard seemed to be the way to go.

I wasn’t yet brave enough to try my own recipes, so luckily I found one in the Bellini cookbook. The only drawback was that it was a low-fat vanilla custard. My personal eating philosophy is that naturally low fat foods are wonderful. Altering recipes to make things low fat,however,  usually ends badly.

I found a recipe here that was a little more to my liking. I didn’t have cream, so had to use milk only (which made it more like the Bellini recipe).

Here’s my final recipe – a mix of Bellini and Taste.com.au

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  • 4 egg yolks
  • 100g sugar
  • 500g milk
  • 80g cornflour
  • 1t vanilla extract

Blades/s: Chopping

  1. Mill sugar for 30 sec at speed 7
  2. Add mixing tool then add all other ingredients
  3. Cook for 10 min, temp 90, speed 3

When I peered in the lid, I was very impressed to see gorgeous pale silky custard, without any effort from me.  I had considered saving it to eat with the family for dessert – but decided I was in need of some comfort food, so tucked in.

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However, even I can’t eat a whole jug of custard. So I poured the rest into a ziplocked bag and put it in the freezer.

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Later on, I broke the ‘flat pack’ of custard into pieces, and blended it in the Bellini (speed 5 for 30 seconds, then speed 8 for 10 seconds). It was a good attempt at icecream, but the custard probably wasn’t creamy enough to make really good icecream so I’d make it with cream next time. And like all the sorbets and icecreams in the Bellini, the texture is more soft serve than scoop icecream.



    • Rosie

      I’ve also made this one in the Bellini which is richer and a little thicker than the one above, but not as thick as the one in the Bellini book. I’ll just paste in comments for now but I’ll write a proper post later.

      500g full fat or reduced fat milk
      1 vanilla pod
      25g cornflour
      20g plain flour
      55g caster sugar
      4 egg yolks

      1. Put milk in jug. Cut vanilla pod in half lengthways, scrape out seeds and add to milk along with pod pieces. Cook on 90C Sp1 for 4 min.
      2. Pour milk into thermoserver or jug, cover and keep warm for 10 min.
      3. After ten minutes, put all other ingredients (except milk) in jug. Add butterfly blade. Mix on Sp3 for 3min.
      4. Take vanilla pod from the warm milk. Start the machine on Sp3, 90C for 8min. While it’s cooking, pour the warm milk through the measuring cup hole, then replace MC.
      5. After 8min, stir the custard with a wooden spoon to scrape up any thickened custard on the bottom of the jug. Cook for a further 2:30 min on Sp3, 90C.

      • dishnthekitchen

        I am just not having any luck with this machine at all… I will give the custard another go but as far as for one pot meals I’ll give it a miss. I tried your Penne Alfredo recipe and it just became really thick and gluggy and all we could taste was garlic.
        But you are definitely right about the steamer attachment. I cut the broccoli florets really small and they were barely warm at the end of the 16 minutes.
        My family is starting to dread ‘the machine’ as they call it!

  1. Joelle Spice

    I just purchased the Bellini Intelli and I have been playing with it. At first I had problems figuring out the steamer. I watched an Australian YouTube video clip and I could not figure out how to attach it to the jug. Once I realized I needed to take out the lid it worked for me. I got confused when the demonstrator pointed out to measuring cup on the lid. I think that clip is not very good My next challenge was removing and changing the blades. My husband helped me there because I could not see the lever (my eyesight is not good right now). I feel more comfortable with it now. I have started using the basket to cook potatoes and pasta. So far I have enjoyed making soups but I want to try making a custard or creme anglaise. Thank you for sharing!

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