First Bellini recipe – watermelon, ginger and honey sorbet

After some initial apprehension, I decided to get on with it and make something with my new machine. I thought trying out the food processing functions would be good enough to start and I’d worry about actually cooking something later.

In anticipation of getting my Bellini, I froze some chunks of watermelon last week. I didn’t take a pic but trust me – they were too large. I freaked out when I read the bold warnings on the last page of the handbook including:

Do not mix frozen fruit or frozen meat.

I had no plans to mix frozen meat (who does?) but I thought frozen fruit was fairly standard for sorbets and smoothies. I bashed my watermelon still in a plastic freezer bag) with a rolling pin to make sure it was well seperated, then finally tipped it in and used the pulse function in quick bursts to see what would happen.

Jeez, that’s one loud machine! My toddler has a fear of the hand dryer in public toilets (“fan not be noisy mummy” she repeats in mounting hysterical denial). This thing will either break her or cure her.

After pulsing for a few times, I had a peek. It looked disappointing like shaved ice, and not very appetising. So I had a look at some thermomix recipes, added the ginger and honey, then mixed it on speed 7 for 15 seconds. Success!

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I’m guessing the watermelon melted a little on the second churn, which made the sorbet come together. Usually, I’d add an egg white to sorbet but raw eggs are off the menu for a little while so I had to do without.

The sorbet was quite light and fluffy, and the ginger gave it a nice tang. I put it in the freezer overnight, but when I looked at it this morning, the honey had separated from the watermelon. I tipped it all back in the Bellini again to make it fluffy. Perhaps an egg white would have helped prevent this but It’s not difficult to reprocess it just before serving. Recipe below – I’ve written it as it should be, not including my errors and experiments.

Recipe: Watermelon, ginger and honey sorbet.

  • 600g of chopped frozen watermelon
  • 3 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 small knob of ginger, chopped.

Blade/s: chopping

Add watermelon and ginger to the machine. Pulse several times until watermelon looks like shaved ice.

Add honey. Speed 7 for 15 seconds.


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