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Penultimate blog post (or so long, and thanks for all the fish).

Two weeks ago, my second BIKM gave up the ghost. For a variety of reasons, I decided not to replace it and have got a Thermomix instead. I really enjoyed using my Bellini as you can probably tell by this blog, and I’d recommend it to anyone as a great introduction to this style of cooking. I’m vaguely thinking of doing another thermal cooking blog at some point, so if/ when I do, I’ll add the link as a final post on this blog so you can come and have a look, if you fancy.

The blog will remain here permanently although I’ll close comments as some point so I don’t have to monitor spam. I’ve seen another Bellini blog recently (and author posts much more frequently than me :)) so check her out here. If you know of any other Bellini/ Kogan blogs, please add them in the comments.

It’s been lots of fun doing the blog. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to comment and offer encouragement or suggestions. It meant a lot to me. Happy cooking xx