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Vialone Nano Risotto in the HotMixPRO


When I borrowed the HotMixPRO, I knew that I wanted to try some things that wouldn’t be possible in the Bellini or the other thermal cookers. One was this fudge recipe, the other was… risotto.

Yes, yes, I know that risotto is the first thing that any Thermomix demonstrator worth their salt will show you. And it’s the first thing that I made in the Bellini. Cooking your first risotto in a thermal cooker makes you think, “damn it, this thing is good”. Instead of standing over a stove for 30 minutes at dinner time, you can play with your kids (or if it’s been a trying day, check Facebook while they watch TV).

But thermal cooker risotto does have its critics. Continue reading


Making fudge in the HotMixPRO


There are a few essential steps when making a true fudge. Firstly, you must stir constantly until the mixture reaches 100C. Thermal cookers are, of course, very good at constant stirring. Unfortunately most of them don’t cope with the rest of the steps needed to make a luscious fudge. Once the fudge has reached boiling point, you should continue to heat it until it reaches 114-118C but without stirring this time. Most of the thermal cookers can’t reach that temperature, and they can’t heat without stirring. Continue reading

First look at the HotMixPRO


Exciting news – I’ve got my hands on a HotMixPRO for the next two weeks! So as well as the Bellini posts, there will be a few recipes featuring the HotMixPRO. One of the most popular posts on this blog is the thermal cookers comparison chart, so I’m guessing that lots of people have an interest in the different types of thermal cookers and their features. If not, and you are only here for the Bellini posts, the HotMixPRO is only here for a short time (sadly) so normal service will resume shortly.

Disclaimer: The machine has been loaned to me by the Australian distributor to trial the machine and blog about it (and make ridiculous quantities of fudge). They are not paid posts, and all opinions are my own.

For the uninitiated, the HotMixPRO is a type of thermal cooker – the main difference being that it was originally developed for the commercial market (restaurants, bars etc).  Most of the cheaper thermal cookers on the market are based on an older Thermomix model, TM21. The HotMixPRO differs from these machines and from a Thermomix in several ways, so I’ve taken some pictures to illustrate. Continue reading