Make-ahead porridge in the Bellini


This post is shamelessly inspired by this fantastic idea for freezing individual portions of porridge in the Bellini. I normally hate porridge, but made these for my lovely husband. As I tasted along the way, I found that home-made porridge with rolled oats and creamy milk is a world away from the slithery gloop that comes from a packet. So now he’s got some competition to eat these up.

I changed the porridge completely from the original recipe in the Kitchn .

I didn’t try the one from the original post so it’s probably fine, but I read some ThermoMix recipes and this great article from the Guardian food column about making the perfect porridge and wanted to incorporate these ideas. One of their suggestions was to toast the oats in a dry frying pan first, to improve the flavour. So I cooked the dry oats on the Bellini’s highest heat for 5 minutes. The flavour was gorgeous, so I think it’s worth including this step. This recipe makes a thick porridge and leaves some chewy oats, so adjust the liquid and cooking time if this isn’t to your taste.

The portions in the original recipe are quite small – I overfilled the muffin tins with porridge so the top is rounded, then added the toppings. That means that two portions are plenty for me, one for the toddler and probably three for Mr B (reminiscent of the Bear Family).

Make-ahead porridge in the Bellini (makes 13 muffin tin portions)*

  • 300g rolled oats
  • 525g hot water
  • 525g milk (I used reduced fat aka hilo)
  • pinch salt
  • 1/2 cup dried cranberries
  • 1/2 cup silver almonds
  • brown sugar to taste

Blade/s: Stirring

1. Add the rolled oats to the jug (no liquid yet). Cook on Sp1 ST temp for 5 min.

2. Add milk, water and salt. Cook on Sp1, 90C for 12 min.


3. Spoon into the muffin tins (no need to grease first if using silicone or non stick). Add a small portion of cranberries, almonds and brown sugar to the top of each portion (if looks pretty on the picture if it sits on top, but it’s more practical if you mash it in a bit, so it doesn’t fall off in the freezer.


4. Freeze for several hours or overnight, then remove from the tin and put in a freezer bag.

5. To cook these, put in a microwave proof bowl, and heat on HIGH for 1 min per portion (i.e. for my two ‘muffins’, I heated it for two minutes). Add warm or cold milk.

*I know that 13 portions is a stupid number but I’d already messed around with this recipe enough tonight, so I’ll have to leave it at that. Just put 12 in the muffin pan and then chuck the last one in the fridge for the morning.


If you have a different thermal cooker, click on the name of your machine for general tips on converting this recipe and others:

Thermomix | HotMixPRO | MaxiKA SuperChef | MultiChef | ThermoChef | ThermoBlend


One comment

  1. Susan

    Wow, they look really cool…. Not a huge porridge fan myself either, I think that is from the whole packet thing, so will definitely be trying these….thanks x

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