Cappuccino-crunch fudge in the Bellini


As a committed sugar-phile, I wanted to  developing a fudge that would work well in the Bellini and other thermal cookers. The Bellini doesn’t get to the necessary temperature to make a true fudge so this is a cheat’s version, but it tastes pretty good, all the same.

You could chop and change the flavourings for this fudge – the white chocolate is bland so any stronger flavours will take precedence. I don’t drink coffee but I love the taste of it, and this reminded me of eating coffee icecream as an 80s child when such things were tres sophisticated.

I’m usually a bit snobby about adding packaged ingredients like these chocolate ripple biscuits to my cooking, but I really wanted the crunch and the speckled dark chunks in the blonde creamy fudge. If the biscuits are too lowbrow, you could add equal quantity of nuts instead (but you’re missing out). It’s easy to double all quantities and use a whole tin of condensed milk. Cooking times will remain the same.

Cappuccino-crunch fudge

  • 60g plain chocolate biscuits (not chocolate coated – I used 6 chocolate ripple biscuits)
  • 250g white chocolate buttons for baking
  • 195g condensed milk (1/2 standard tin)
  • 1 rounded teaspoon coffee granules, dissolved in 2 teaspoons of boiling water
  • 60g butter

Blade/s: Chopping

1. Break biscuits into pieces and put them in the jug. Pulse once or twice until biscuits are the required consistency (you want them to still be quite chunky).


2. Put biscuits in another container (no need to rinse the jug). Add all the other ingredients to the jug.


3. Cook on Sp2, 70C for 5 minutes.


4. Add reserved biscuit mixture. Stir on Sp1 for 15 seconds.

5. Pour the mixture into a loaf tin, lined with greased baking paper. Leave it to set in the fridge (it takes a good few hours till it’s really set). Remove the baking paper and slice into chunks. Keep in fridge until you are ready to eat it.


Other flavourings include:

Rum and raisin (add rum essence and stir through a couple of handfuls of sultanas after Step 3)

Chocolate (swap white buttons for milk or dark)

Vanilla (add 1 tsp of essence)

If you have a different thermal cooker, click on the name of your machine for general tips on converting this recipe and others:

Thermomix | HotMixPRO | MaxiKA SuperChef | MultiChef | ThermoChef | ThermoBlend



  1. Jo

    Hi Rosie,

    Sounds great!!
    Umm just a query though, what quantity of choc ripple biscuits do we need …or have I missed that 🙂
    Also, wondering if you have mastered non food stuff like hand cream or other interesting things…

    Jo in Adelaide 🙂

    • Rosie

      I haven’t tried any of the non food items, sorry Jo. I think there’s a doc of recipes for them in the Bellini Addicts files, if that helps?

  2. seasidejo

    Thanks Rosie, although I was unable to find ‘non-food’ items it was a great collection of recipes, if you have a link for the non foods that would be wonderful …regards Jo 🙂

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