Making fudge in the HotMixPRO


There are a few essential steps when making a true fudge. Firstly, you must stir constantly until the mixture reaches 100C. Thermal cookers are, of course, very good at constant stirring. Unfortunately most of them don’t cope with the rest of the steps needed to make a luscious fudge. Once the fudge has reached boiling point, you should continue to heat it until it reaches 114-118C but without stirring this time. Most of the thermal cookers can’t reach that temperature, and they can’t heat without stirring.

So all this leads us neatly (if somewhat obviously) to the happy conclusion that the HotMixPRO makes brilliant fudge. The machine can heat to a precise temperature (114C for my fudge) , and can then continue to cook without stirring. The final step in fudge-making is to beat the fudge vigorously – Speed 4 on the machine did the job nicely.

Vanilla Fudge in the HotMixPRO

  • 450g white sugar
  • 300g pouring cream
  • 60g butter
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

1. Place all ingredients in the jug.


2. Close the lid and leave the measuring cup IN. Cook on Speed 1 and 100C temp (WAIT function)*. It took about 15 minutes to reach the right temperature.


3. When the machine reaches 100C, take the measuring cup OUT. Set the machine to cook on Sp 0, 114C (WAIT function). Using speed 0 (ie the blades do not turn at all) inhibits crystallisation at this stage. If the fudge was stirred at this point, it would be grainy and gritty.

4. When the machine reaches 114C (after about 25 min) take the lid off and carefully remove the jug from the machine.

5. Leave the mixture to cool for at least 20 min.


Then mix it on Sp4 for 30 seconds. If it’s not ready after this time, continue to blend in 15 second bursts until you have the right consistency. You need to see a change in the texture of the fudge. It should change from smooth and glossy to dull and thick.



The mixture on the left has been beaten to the correct consistency to make fudge. The mixture on the right hasn’t been beaten so it’s a sticky caramel sauce, rather than a fudge.

6. Pour it into a tin and leave it to set. I used a loaf tin and lined it with greased alfoil to make it easier to remove. When it’s cool, cut it into squares.

*WAIT function – the machine will automatically turn off when the correct temp is reached, you don’t need to set a time

As stated above, true fudge won’t work in other thermal cookers, but I’ll put up a recipe for a cheat’s fudge later.



    • Rosie

      I haven’t tried chocolate yet – hopefully I’ll get a chance this week. Not sure if you can adjust the pre-written recipes. Do you have the software? Then you could copy the recipe and adjust the temps, then save it as your own.

      • My Delicious Indulgence

        Yes I have the Gastro model. I tried to temper chocolate using the program on the weekend but didn’t want to do 1kg so just put less in and instead of leaving it for 4 hrs as programmed I decreased the time accordingly. It didn’t work out though. I’ll be interested to see how you go ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Cook, Cook, Eat!

    Good to see it turned out nice and smooth for you.

    My Delicious Indudgence, you can’t modify existing recipes, however you can create your own. It requires you to download the CreatorPRO software, I think I got it from the US site (, but it looks like they’ve taken the download section down for the maintenance. It’s reasonably easy to use, but not fantastic.

    Note that the software only works on Windows. I’m actually working on a web based version of it, as I use Apple Macs and it’s very annoying to have to boot up my old Windows PC.

  2. Priceless

    Hi! We have had issues upon issues also with the Gastro. When they had a forum in Aus., seems a lot of people also had issues (no forum now). I’d stay away from it until problems ironed out…a few years. Good concept, but doesn’t meet expectations for a “commercial machine”.

  3. Angel Nunley

    No hot mix pro – only a Bellini intel.
    Do you think that you could move it from bellini to the stovetop to get from 110-114 and then move it back into the bellini to whip? Would that work or would there be sugar crystallization or other reactions from moving it back and forth?

    • Rosie

      I made it in a thermomix now, and yes, that’s exactly what I do.
      1. Get ingredients to boiling point in machine
      2. Move to stove and gentle boil to soft ball stage.
      3. Put in sink of cold water for about 5 min to cool it down.
      4. Put it back in thermomix/ Bellini and mix on Sp3-4 for a few minutes (keep checking to see when it has changed from shiny to dull).
      This works (all too well) for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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