Roast beetroot dip in the Bellini


Dips are ridiculously easy to make in the Bellini or thermal cooker (utilizing the blender/ food processing capabilities of the machine). I’d previously made a simpler version of this dip, using tinned baby beets and Greek yogurt for the sour kick, but this time I wanted to take advantage of the lovely whole winter beetroots available in the markets.

The roasting of the beets for 90 minutes seems tedious but it’s just set-and-forget type cooking, and the peeling is very quick and easy. I wouldn’t attempt it without disposable gloves though unless you like the ‘just dabbled in blood’ look. And while we are talking about stained fingers, I must get this off my chest. How can children’s paint manufacturers get away with their patently untrue claims of ‘washable’? I’ve lost three nice jackets at daycare to the clutches of washable paint.

Anyway, back to the recipe. I’d recommend a feta that isn’t too salty or sour – you don’t want to overwhelm the lovely earthy flavours of the beetroot. If you are in Perth, I’d recommend Over the moon feta from Albany.

Roast beetroot dip

  • 2 medium sized fresh beetroot, washed
  • 80g feta (something creamy and fairly mild).
  • 1 rounded teaspoon of horseradish cream

Blade/s:  Chopping

1. Preheat the oven to 180C. Wash the beetroot and wrap each one in foil, twisting the ends to contain as much of the steam as possible. Bake them in the oven for about 90 min.

2. Unwrap beets and allow them to cool slightly. Use disposable gloves, rub the skins off. Use a knife to trim the stalks and tails of the beetroots, and chop into quarters.

3. Put the beetroot, feta and horseradish cream in the Bellini jug. Blitz on Sp8 for 1 min.


If you have a different thermal cooker, click on the name of your machine for general tips on converting this recipe and others:

Thermomix | HotMixPRO | MaxiKA SuperChef | MultiChef | ThermoChef | ThermoBlend




  1. Jo

    Hi Rosie,
    Still enjoying your posts 🙂
    I am now surprising myself with my confidence in such a wonderful little device
    Keep building ‘our’ recipe book

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