Separating eggs in the Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master

Like the peeling garlic tip that I posted previously, this is a ThermoMix trick that I tested in the Bellini. I know it’s probably not life changing to separate the odd egg or two, but it’s still a pretty cool trick and would be handy if you were doing multiple eggs for a pavlova or meringues.

1. Put the measuring cup in your lid. If you turn the cup clockwise as far as it will go, it will ‘lock’ – you don’t want to lock it, so loosen it a little if it is locked in.


2. Crack the egg ( to be on the safe side, give a quick check that the yolk is intact). Pour it onto the lid of the jug. In a few seconds, the white will slither past the measuring cup into the jug, and the egg yolk will remain on the lid.


3. Lift the lid from the jug and put it on another container. Then take the measuring cup out, so the yolk slides down the hole in the lid and into your new container.


EDIT: I tried this again today, and the egg I used had a much thicker white so it wouldn’t go past the measuring cup. So I put the cup only halfway in (see pic below). This allows for the thicker whites to go past the cup, but still keeps the yolks on the lid.20130414-195402.jpg.



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