Peeling garlic in the Bellini Intelli Kitchen Machine

A popular function of the Thermomix is the ability to peel cloves of garlic quickly and easily. The reverse speed is used, so the flat side of the blade hits the garlic clove, but doesn’t chop them.

I wanted to try this in the Bellini, using the mixing blade which has a blunt edge. For my experiment, I was armed with four heads of garlic and an episode of Play School to avoid toddler interruptions.

The Thermomix instructions (which vary from blog to blog) tend to suggest Speed 4 in short bursts of 3-6 seconds. I found that this wasn’t very effective in the Bellini. The garlic seemed to need the longer time (i.e. two bursts of four seconds, were not as effective as one burst of eight seconds). I tried using sp5, but this chopped the garlic, even with the blunt blade.

I found the most useful technique was to whizz on sp4 for 8 sec, then repeat if necessary. The head of garlic in the pics below, took 3 x 8 sec. The cloves were quite large though, and the garlic was fairly fresh – if it were older, the garlic skins would be looser and would probably peel off faster.

Step 1: Separate the garlic head into individual cloves.

Whizz on sp4 for 8 sec.

Lots of the thermomix sites say to add water at this point, so the skins float to the top. As you can see, lots of my garlic floated too. So I would skip this step next time.

Voila, peeled garlic. There are a few notches mixing, but none of the cloves got pulverized, so it was worth doing when you need a largish quantity of garlic.

I should add a warning here, just in case you are enamored by the idea of peeling and storing your own minced garlic in oil. I was thinking of doing this – luckily google told me that storing garlic in oil (at home) presented the perfect environment for growing your own deadly botulism. So, best to just peel as much as you need for that recipe.



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  2. Jessica

    An option for storing freshly minced garlic is freezing in ice cubes with a bit of water then storing cubes in freezer bags to grab out as needed. Can also do the same with chilli and other fresh herbs. Hopefully this might avoid the botulism problem.

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