Thermal cookers comparison chart

thermocookersI’ve made this chart for people are thinking about getting their first thermal cooker. It’s not meant to prove that one machine is superior to another – it just depends what is important to you. If you really want to cook and steam simultaneously, then the ThermoBlend or HotMixPRO will be less appealing. If a reluctance motor will seal the deal, then a Thermomix is your best option. Let me know if there are any glaring errors.

One more important point: this table doesn’t reflect the durability of the machines. The $500 and under machines usually have more reported faults and returns. All the machines have facebook pages/ user groups – these are a good place to get feedback about this issue.

The bowl capacity of every one of the machines is 2L. All prices are in Australian dollars. I haven’t included a separate section for Lakeland’s MultiChef (only sold in the UK) as it is identical to the MaxiKa SuperChef (sold in Australia)

UPDATED: 14.4.2013 with new lowest price for Bellini

UPDATED: 22.4.2013 with new lowest price for HotMix Pro Easy

UPDATED: 29.9.2013 with different price for ThermoChef. I’m sure it was once offered at $499 on TSVN,  but I can’t find anyone else to verify, so I might have it wrong. So realistically, the lowest price is $595.

Thermomix ThermoChef Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master Kogan ThermoBlend MaxiKa SuperChef / MultiChef by Lakeland
HotMixPRO Easy
Retailer Sold via Thermomix consultants only (not retail outlets) Matchbox stores and multiple online retailers Target Kogan Maxi Kitchen Appliances (manufacturer direct) HotMix Pro Australia
Australian website Thermomix ThermoChef Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master Kogan ThermoBlend MaxiKa SuperChef HotMix Pro Easy
Cheapest price $1,939 (inc delivery) $595 $259 $199 (pre-sale) $299 (inc delivery) $1688.50 (inc delivery)
Standard price $1,939 (inc delivery) $795 $399 $249 (delivery extra) $399 $2,085
Warranty 2 years 2 years 1 year 1 year (can purchase 5 year warranty) 2 years 2 years
Integrated Scales? Yes (can weigh directly in the jug) Yes – on side of the machine (not in jug) No – latest model does include a separate set of digital scales in the box No No No
Minimum temp (degrees Celcius) 37 37 37 40 40 25
Maximum temp (degrees Celcius) 114 (steaming temp) 110 (Steaming temp) 110 (Steaming temp) 120 130 130
Temperature precision 10 degree increments 10 degree increments 10 degree increments 10 degree increments 10 degree increments 1 degree increments
Steam and cook simultaneously? Yes Yes- only machine with stainless steel steamer basket (all others plastic). Yes No – but can add bamboo steamer basket on top. Has a separate steamer. yes No – but can add bamboo steamer basket on top
Reverse function (reversing the direction of the blades allows food to stirred without the risk of chopping) Yes No No No No No
Alternative to reverse function None needed Knead function (moves at Sp1 then rests for a second) Blunt mixing blade included as well as standard chopping blade Plastic blade cover included to clip over chopping blade No alternative – slowest speed recommended Very slow speeds or option of cooking without blades moving
Motor wattage 500W 550W 500W 600W 500W 1200W
Motor type (n.b. Reluctance motor has less moving parts) Reluctance motor Brushed motor Brushed motor Brushed motor Brushed motor Brushed motor


    • Rosie

      Hi Cathie, you are right, they are cheaper on eBay. The only drawback is that they are usually from Thermomix Spain. By the time you pay GST + duty + postage, the price has been bumped up quite a bit. They used to only have a Spanish warranty, but I see the new ones have a 2 year Melbourne warranty. If I were in Melbourne, I’d be tempted to give one a try.

      • Brad

        Beware… Thermomixes from overseas DO NOT come with an Australian warranty and may be an older version of the current model. Many customers have had problems when purchasing from overseas.

    • Roy

      This is a great comparison!

      Just a few clarifications re: TM:
      1. You don’t get warranty/service for second hand TMs or those bought from overseas.
      2. You don’t need to go to a TM party to purchase one. So it’s actually ‘retailed’ directly through consultants.
      3. The $1939 also includes delivery, set up, a practical hands on lesson and cooking experience
      4. The scales are technically in the feet on the base of the Thermomix, so anything above that can act as scales – so you’re right, you can weigh directly into the bowl.

      Bowl capacity may be something else to look at. Just some other thoughts – which will make this an awesome comparison – perhaps compare the functions, eg: milling, stirring, emulsifying, etc

      • Rosie

        Thanks for your comment Roy – I’ve made some adjustments to the table based on your remarks.
        With the overseas Thermomixes, my understanding is that you still do get the 2 year warranty – but you would have to return it to the country of purchase (which, of course, would be very expensive). For a while, the Spanish thermomixes on eBay were advertising a Melbourne warranty. I imagined they had set up a single repair person in Melbourne with a stash of parts, who would repair according to the Spanish warranty. But I had a quick look at the models on eBay this morning, and none of them have this option – so perhaps that’s come to an end.
        Re comparing functions – my understanding is that the functions will be the same, as the speeds and the temperatures are almost identifical among the thermal cookers. The only exceptions are the machines that don’t have an integrated steamer, and the HotMix Pro Easy which has higher temps and the ability to choose temps accurate to 1 degree, so you could brown onions, cook with sugar and do sous-vide dishes.

      • Laetitia

        Under the new consumer laws, the idea of the warranty running out after 2 years for a machine that costs almost $2,000 is a furphy – one can reasonably expect that a machine costing that much would last for well more than 2 years. Just how long would have to be tested but things like fridges that cost well less than that could be expected to last something like 8 years.

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  2. Stewart Fruhwald

    Interesting read, and a great comparison matrix, Thank You!

    the HMP is a commercial machine and as such its main purpose is as a thermal mixer, rather than as an all in one cooking appliance like the other brands. If you really need the steaming function, then yes a bamboo steamer basket will do the job or even a varoma attachment from ebay will also work. Understand that as these are commercial, most commercial kitchens have a combi steamer that chef can knock out 100 portions of whatever in 5 minutes.

    The HMP also has a range of speeds, including 1-10, pulse on each speed, Turbo on each speed as well which was mentioned, and a unique feature across all of the other machines, the capability of stopping the blades altogether.

    The HMP is also retailed across the country, through a selected dealer network check out this link for details;

    I would also like to bring to your attention the HMP Gastro, this guy is programable, 1500watt (2hp) motor along with a higher temperature of 190°C

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  5. Rita

    Really appreciate you taking the time to produce this chart, thank you. I am looking for a replacement for a Bellini. Love the concept of the machine but the first one started leaking a fortnight after purchase and now the second has also started leaking and tripping the power switch on the power board. l contacted Target yesterday re replacement (you must think I am the supreme optimist but I find the ability to chop and cook in one bowl really handy) and they tell me they have removed them from the shelves and will not be selling them in the future but are happy to give me a refund. Not prepared to fork out $1800+ so had resigned myself to reverting to the old ways. I hadn’t realised there where a number of similar machines on the market till I came across your page, thank you again for posting this,

  6. Lisa

    The thermochef has a butterfly clip to put on the blade for when a recipe calls for reverse and you also lower speed to 1.

  7. LeeAnn

    I would be interested to find out how all the machines go with milling. I have seen the thermomix mill and it is fantastic and I have also seen the hot mix pro mill and it was no where near as good as the thermomix. I have since found out that you need to buy a separate milling blade for the hot mix pro. Which for me personally rules out the hot mix pro. I wonder how the cheaper brands go at milling, does anyone know?

    • Rosie

      Interesting – I didn’t know that about the hotmix pro re milling. I haven’t tried milling in the Bellini, but one of the moderators from the Bellini Addicts group said she did it regularly, and it was very successful.

    • Stewart

      To Mill in the Hotmixpro, I recommend that the user trys to mill with the standard blade, and if they are happy… GREAT!

      I have tried milling whole nutmeg and whole cinnamon with the standard blade with very good results, I have also tried milling rice with equally great results.

    • Rosie

      Yes, you can Lesley. Put your ingredients in and blend on Speed 9 for about one minute. Most recipes suggest adding ice, as this helps break down the fibres in the fruit/ veg and makes a smoother smoothie. Have a look at Quirky Jo’s website or facebook page – she has some lovely smoothie recipes for the Thermomix, but you can use them in the Bellini.

  8. Kylie

    The thermomix has a ‘black box’ in it which will give a service technician pin point accuracy with faults therefore decreasing high repair costs. The thermomix failure rate is waaay below industry standard and they have door to door pick up by tech if anything does go wrong. TMX is designed to last a generation and all parts are part of te sale price so you never have to buy extras.

  9. Nicole

    We’ve just had a ‘thermo off’ at my house between thermochef, thermomix and Bellini. We made 4 diff things to compare how they went. The things that made the difference with all of us are not things you’ve mentioned in chart, like: can you submerse jug in water? Thermochef can’t which is big negative. The peeping push button of thermochef also annoying. As you like to do a lot on speed 9 and 10, you have to push the button10 times with loud noise to get there. Other two had easy dial, no sounds.. The thermomix blade was really low to bowl so got less sticking of risotto than other two… For the price we were all really impressed with Bellini. I was under impression new one due out sept. are target not going to stock now?

  10. Janet Lovell

    Tried the Bellini and it took an hour to ccok a meal that takes 15minutes in the Thermochef. I was told they had problems with them catching alight and it seems they have reduced the top temperature.

    • Rosie

      Hi Janet,

      The top temp on the Bellini’s was 130C, but that was reduced to 110C with a new model last year (about July I think?) I regularly cook ThermoChef and ThermoMix recipes in my Bellini, and there’s little difference in the cooking time for me. I have heard of other people with that problem though, and they’ve taken their machine back to Target and got a new Bellini – that’s solved the problem.

  11. Stephen


    I would like to know how to get the knead function to pause for a second on the thermo chef as suggested as an alternative to reverse. Mine just spins on a low speed. Thanks

    • Rosie

      Hi Stephen, I haven’t tried it myself, but I understand that ‘knead’ on the ThermoChef spins at a lower speed than speed 1, so it will be a little gentler and less likely to chop ingredients. It won’t reverse the blade direction like ThermoMix can, but it’s a workaround so you can use ThermoMix recipes in your machine.

  12. Zara

    What a great chart you have created. Just wondering why you didn’t include the Kenwood Cooking Chef. I don’t own any Thermo cookers at the moment. I’m still researching one. The ‘Kenwood Cooking Chef’, I think, would probably be the only machine that can slice, grate & julienne. The others seems to only able to chop things into very small crumbs. Correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks.

    • Rosie

      Hi Zara, thanks for your comment. I didn’t include the Kenwood at the time as it’s quite different to the others. The others are all ‘one jug’ machines, and while you can slice and julienne in the Kenwood, it’s by way of a food processor extra attachment. Having said that it’s also got lots of other extra functions, beaters etc that the others don’t have. If possible, I’d like to review one in the future and add it to the chart 🙂

  13. marimusing

    I’m at the research stage and the chart and comments have all been helpful. I’ve never been a gadget girl: sharp cook’s knife, chopping boards, stoneware wok and flat pan, a couple of saucepans, blender, toaster, electric kettle, big gas oven, one tiny hand-held electric beater (almost never used) are my basic tools and appliances. Recently I’ve changed my diet as part of a CrossFit Challenge and a whole lot of ill-health symptoms have disappeared for myself and my daughter as a result, so the change needs to be permanent. Problem is, my blender can’t cope with what I ask of it (the motor has come close to burning out) and those giant food processor things look like a nightmare. At this stage, I envisage needing something that chops, stirs, beats, blends, mills nuts and seeds, can make nut paste and milk; doesn’t have a gazillion attachments; doesn’t take a lifetime to pull apart and clean. Probably not going to do heaps of actual cooking in it (but who knows) but had been considering purchasing a rice cooker and a steamer so if those features are built in, so much the better. I personally know someone who bought a Kolgan, which broke down within a month and was replaced. The replacement is currently still working but I have read many poor reviews and reliability seems like a big issue. The Hotmix Pro seems pretty expensive anyway so from where I sit it appears that the choice is between the Bellini and the Thermomix. My husband is totally anti-Thermomix because of the price but it seems like it probably would cope better with demands. Any feedback?

  14. clairejoey


    Got a couple more points to add regarding the thermochef:

    1. The scales measure in 1g increments rather than 10 gram increments.

    2. The butterfly attachment and low speeds help replace the reverse function. This model is a replica of the previous thermomix model and this is what was recommended for the tm21.

    3. One negative of this machine is you can’t go above speed 5 when the temperature is above 80 degrees (check the numbers though. This is just from memory)

    4. You can pick up an extra bowl for around $50. The thermomix bowls are $200-$250. This is a HUGE bonus in my mind. Saves you from having to wash and dry the bowl in order to chop some herbs up that you should of done Before you started cooking the meal. I find I’m constantly washing and drying the bowl so this would be a big help.

    5. Some machines comes with recipe books. The thermomix book is fantastic. The thermochef book is pretty average but there’s a new one coming out I think..

    • Kek

      It is not a negative that it doesn’t go above 5 when high temps are used, it is a safety issue. I have seen photos of other machines that have spewed out hot liquid and burnt those standing near – including children. I’m so glad they have designed it that way

  15. Tntiam

    I had a Bellini and I loved it. It died at 6 mths. I then bought a thermomix. The things I noticed.
    1. Milling rice / grain with thermomix was quicker, smoother and finer than the Bellini
    2. Blade position on the thermomix is lower so nothing minimal catching on the bottom compared to the Bellini
    3. Things cooked faster and more evenly with the thermomix
    4. I love second bowl option with the thermomix
    5. The Bellini you can instantly go up to a high temp which resulted in burns and soup flying over my kitchen… It seems the lid did not seal all that well…. Whereas with the thermomix it increases slower and things don’t spurt out the top and I have never had the lid leak
    6. Bellini died chopping dates, thermomix doesn’t struggle with dates
    7, coconut butter from dessicated coconut takes forever in the Bellini and stays gritty, which it doesn’t in the thermomix
    Basically I loved my Bellini and was a Bellini advocate until it died and I realised some major differences…
    Bellini was a great starting point for me as I realised I loved this way of cooking and was more motivated to cook from scratch… I started enjoying creating things… Thermomix, if you can afford it, will give you a better, more consistent outcome in my opinion.

  16. Diane

    Just out my first Belini on layby, hoping to get it by christmas. All my friends have Thermo mix and ive been to all the parties, but cannot justify $2K on a kitchen applaince.
    Figure I can stat here and buy 5 belinis for my $2K if I have too 🙂
    Great forum here, thank you

  17. Michele

    I read something about an Aldi version available prior to Christmas. Any feedback?
    Not able to remember what the model was called.

    • kristy farrington

      Hi Michele, I bought the Aldi machine it is called thermocook (made by kuchef). It was about $350 i think and it has a 3 year warranty. My friend has a thermomix and I love it but couldn’t budget the cost of it. I love the thermocook. I call her Alma. There are some differences. there is no inbuilt scales but I just have some digital scales next to alma and add everything into a bowl and zero before adding other ingredients then transfer to Alma.
      Alma has a separate steamer jug so i have not worked out how to cook sauce and steam fish at the same time
      Alma does not chop as well and some bits get stuck under the blades. I think the thermomix blades must be lower.
      there is no reverse function but I use a dough function for a longer time and that is fine
      So far I make cakes, pizza dough, steamed fish and sauce using the thermomix recipes with a few earlier disasters and getting better at it now.
      The book that came with Alma is fairly poor and does not help with all the functions and recipes are only a few.
      I have emailed ALDI and asked for a better recipe book and better instructions.
      The thermomix is certainly abetter product but I am not happy with a two year warranty for a $2,000 product

  18. Barbara Cheating With Bellini

    Aldi: Kuchef Thermo Cook. It doesn’t look like either of those in this chart, but it shounds partly very similar to the Thermoblend and partly to the Themochef.

  19. hope4today777

    Thanks so much for doing this. Just saw the Thermomix the other day and am researching. Friends who have it absolutely love it so I think I’m leaning towards Thermomix despite the cost. Sounds like it could be worth it in the long run. Can’t afford it just yet though. One benefit I can see is that Thermomix have regular cooking classes that you can attend whether you own a machine or not. Gives you the opportunity to see the machine in action a lot more before deciding if it’s worth buying.

  20. susan ellen

    Do any of these liquidise vegetables? I am disabled with severe arthritis and need something that will save me a lot of messing around in the kitchen but i want something that can do what the nutribullet does with vegetables when my hands are hurting too much to make salad. The Thermomix and Nutribullet are way out of my budget. I was thinking of the Bellini from Target

  21. sherry popke

    Hi there, so Rosie, I can’t come up with the 2,000 for the thermomix, so which would you recommend, I see you have the belini, is this the best “other” choice?

  22. Stewart

    That price was a special promotion at the time, this has since past and the new correct RRP of the Easy is $2095 +GST, you may be able to get the unit cheaper from a retailer, but you would need to shop it around

  23. beeblessed

    Hi there…thanks for the really great review of the cookers. Can I just ask, which of the lot (except the Thermomix) does the best job with stirring food without chopping it to shreds? I’ve tried the Thermochef and it doesn’t matter if the speed is on One and you’re using the butterfly attachment, all your meat and ingredients get turned into a hummus-like mush.

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  25. angela

    Hi, love this chart, thanks for your work! Just wondering if you know anything about the avancer? Thanks

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  27. judith

    Have you looked at the Rank Arena thermoblender from Deals Direct? Thoughts on it compared to Bellini & Kogan?

    • Lonja Hales

      I have tried the Rank Arena ThermoBlender and have just packed up the second one to return to Deals Direct. I followed their recipes carefully at first before branching out, but each time my food burnt (on their recommended settings) until I wasn’t able to clean the burn marks from the inside of the jug. The second one did exactly the same and even quicker than the first.

  28. chele

    Hi, just came across this site by chance and so pleased to finally find someone with the time and perseverance to compile a comparison chart for all the thermal food processor/cooker machines out there from the mighty TM, the TC (which I bought?!) thru the ranks and brands that retail for $200 odd up to $2000 (Commercial based Hot Mix Pro)! My, Wot A job u’ve had… The Wikipedia of Thermal Cookers! Have just one valid question of Anyone “in the know” have u noticed how UNERGONOMIC the Thermochef is re the fact that the Very Hard to Remove lid of the jug defies reason to Anyone with a even slight Arthritis in the hand ,fingers or wrist and the Release button for the Jug is flimsy to say the least and requires the use of one strong right arm moved right across one’s chest to lift up jug, while ur left finger pushes the button at the base of the jug to release same?

    For the mainly Right Handed population the Positioning of the Handle of the jug is quite crazy!…..Instead of being angled to the side a bit to make access easier when lifting to remove it, AND being on the Left Hand Side instead, of as with most of the other machines , On the RIGHT, …the Jug is Very Awkward to handle generally lifting and securing it on the left sided base??! Great for Left Handed folk but Not the Rest of us?! I personally have slight Arthritis and on unpacking this machine and assembling it on my kitchen bench, noticed the Ergonomic Anomaly immediately…. but, wot a pity, Not, before purchasing it from TVSN at a good price??!!

    Unfortunately for me,I had already used the Free Gift that came with the TC purchase and Hadn’t unpacked the TC before the 30 day Grace Period had expired so couldn’t return the purchase when I realised, too late, it was gonna be Problematic to Physically use for me, that is, It just seems so much more Logical to Have the Digital dials etc on the Left and the Jug on the Right! No wonder the TM31, radically altered their TM21 design, to placing the Mixer Bowl in the Middle and everything else around the base on either side! New Wave should have designed the TC with Ergonomics better in mind, I could do far better than they have done I reckon, even the Cheaper cookers have a better take on the design than New Wave do! What do others think?!

  29. Renee

    Beware buying Thermomix off eBay – warranty will not be honored. And you will not have a consultant to assist with servicing!!!
    Please edit – Thermomix is 120degs max varoma temp.

  30. Aimee

    Great chart! Thanks!
    A couple of things that’d be good to see in a comparison – ones that are dishwasher friendly or not. I know everything in the Thermomix is, but I don’t know about the others – how hard it is to clean/remove blades if cleaning by hand – and if there’s any extras you have to buy. I saw someone mention that there’s extra attachments for a couple of them, are these included in the standard price chart? I know that there’s no extra attachments at all for the Thermomix.

  31. james

    Great chart. The other thing that isn’t included on the chart is after sales service. With the Thermomix, it is delivered to you directly by your consultant who spends some one on one time with you, showing you the features of your machine and then showing you some of the basics to get you started. Your consultant is then available for you to ring, text or email if you have any questions or need any advice in the future. this is very handy when it comes to the occasional cooking fail when starting out or just advice on general cooking.

  32. Laura

    Hi, Would you also like to compare the brand new MyCook Premium? It has the best features of the products above as well as the latest in induction cooking technology, which is unique only to the MyCook Premium in this space!
    It’s just been released to the Aussie Market. Happy to provide info 🙂

  33. Judie

    Love youour matrix wonder if you can add a few machines the t5 mycook pro and the mistreal by big w also wondering what the milling capacity of each jug is? .MC pro is apparently 500g i asked for an e brochure.

  34. Tanya Hicks

    So, I am reading that if you can afford the Thermo mix that it is worth the money for the extra quality, would this be correct? And it you cant afford the thermomix then the Bellini is the next best option. But that is such a massive difference in price…is the TM really worth the money please?
    My toddler son has Autism. I am time poor as I am a single mum and I am wanting to create all of this foods from scratch – gluten, dairy and sugar free. I will invest the money in a TM if its truly worth the investment.
    What are your thoughts please?

    • Fiona Rumble

      Go for the Bellini today in Target for $249 free home delivery if you buy online 🙂 I just ordered one for my 21 year old son so he will be able to feed himself healthy food easily.

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