Fresh out of the box

I couldn’t wait any longer, so last night I made a slightly mad trip to Target after work (in 37 degrees) to pick up my new Bellini. Here she is waiting, until everyone is out or in bed so I can play.

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I thought it might be useful for anyone else reading along (who hasn’t got one yet) to see what is in the box.

The central unit (ie Bellini machine) is in the back row. Next to it is the steamer basket which has four parts – liquid collection bowl, two steamer trays and a lid. In the front row from left to right: measuring cup (which fits inside the lid, like a cap), bowl with lid, cooking basket, stirring blade, mixing tool, spatula, and recipe book and instruction book. There’s also a chopping blade, which is inside the jug.


First impressions – it’s better quality than I expected. The control panel looks professional and everything looks well made. Given the price, I thought it would look a bit Mickey Mouse, but not the case.

So I washed and dried all the pieces, put it all together… and then felt a bit lost! I dithered around on the net looking at recipes for some time, and then finally decided to make a sorbet (next post).


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